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Answer i can't believe he's dead. I've seen quite a few of his films and he always seemed so charming and happy. i read it on the yahoo headlines thingy and i was in total shock!!he was an amazing actor, ... Read More »

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Heath Ledger?

omg are you serious!! going now to take a look at the better not be lying!!!

Heath Ledger...?

How many movies has Heath Ledger made?

Heath Ledger performed in 18 credited movie rolls. His first credited movie appearance was Toby in "Blackrock." His last movie was "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," released in 2009. His best-... Read More »

Is it really fair that Heath Ledger will more than likely win an award only b/c of the sympathy factor due->?

I get what you're saying.In fairness, it is the Supporting Actor role. And, he did one hell of a job. He was downright disturbing. Hoffman and Brolin did enough to deserve it as well, but I doub... Read More »