How old was Pocahontas when she died?

Answer The exact date of Pocahontas' birth is unknown, but is estimated as 1595. The date of her death is well documented as March 21, 1617. This places Pocohantas at the age of 11 or 12 at the time of he... Read More »

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When did Pocahontas catch smallpox?

Pocanontas died on March 21, 1617. Contemporaneous documents are not clear as to whether she died of Small Pox or some other infection. Small Pox virus has an incubation period of twelve days. If t... Read More »

When did Pocahontas meet John Smith?

Matoaka, better known as Pocahontas ("Little Wanton"), and Captain John Smith met in December, 1607, when Pocahontas threw herself over Smith to protect him from execution, probably as part of a ri... Read More »

When was the Disney movie Pocahontas released?

The Walt Disney Company released the movie "Pocahontas" on June 10, 1995, with an "outdoor premiere in New York's Central Park," according to the Disney Archives. It featured the voices of Irene Be... Read More »

When did Pocahontas sail with Lewis and Clark?

Pocahontas died in the 1600s and never traveled with Lewis and Clark. In 1805, a Native American girl named Sacagawea accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Sacagawea served as an interpr... Read More »