My friend's mother just died...?

Answer Bring them a gift to show how you feel, show them there is someone who truly cares. Comfort him. Be there whenever he needs you, but do not be over bearing. Let him deal with im it himself with som... Read More »

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Mother Died Is There really a Heaven?

she wasnt alone she was and is with Jeaus. Jesus IS real. your mom may have suffered while she was on earth but suffers no more. Think happy thoughts of her now she is in a much happier place and s... Read More »

My mother died i lived with her for 15 years i have 9 siblings who gets the house?

YES. Paint fumes contains VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which causes health related problems. Particularly glycol ether. Avoid painting the house. Considering low VOC paints might be an option.

Would like a copy of Neglect-juvenile petition no1269 thru dept of welfare in 1971. Our mother died and father doesn't care - is there anyway of getting this?

Words can be bad words if it can be demoralized, degraded, destroyed one's reputation or it can hurt somebody's feelings.

The mother of my sonstopped my access 3 years christmas..when i rang her to pleade with her.. she said she had told my then 3 year old i had died..took the presents i had left hhhim.change?