How to Act Like Marie Antoinette?

Answer Have you ever wanted to be like the infamous last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette? This article will teach you how!

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How to Cosplay as Marie Antoinette?

Marie-Antoinette is a famous French fashion icon-she set the standards of beauty. It isn't often that you need to decorate yourself like a queen, but in case the day comes (perhaps Halloween or cos... Read More »

Who beheaded Marie Antoinette?

French Queen Marie Antoinette was beheaded on October 16, 1793. French revolutionaries overthrew the country's absolute monarchy. A revolutionary tribunal sentenced her to death, after finding her ... Read More »

Where is Marie Antoinette buried?

Marie Antoinette's remains are in the St. Denis Basilica located in the town of Saint Denis, France. They were transferred to this crypt in 1824 by Louis XVIII from the Parisian Madeleine Church.So... Read More »

How to Do Marie Antoinette Makeup?

Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France during the late 1700’s. She was known for her lavish lifestyle and her execution by the guillotine. Historians and many other individuals have been quite ... Read More »