How old was King Tut when he ruled Egypt?

Answer King Tutankhamen (Tut), began ruling Egypt in 1333 BC at the age of 10. He ruled for nine years. According to the New York Times, King Tut most likely died of malaria.Source:"The New York Times"; M... Read More »

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Who ruled ancient Egypt?

The pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians considered the pharaoh to be the incarnation of the god Horus. When a pharaoh died, he became Osiris, the god of dead and his successor became Ho... Read More »

What dynasty ruled the longest in ancient Egypt?

The 18th dynasty was the longest-ruling dynasty in Egypt, totaling 277 years. The 18th dynasty included some of the most famous pharaohs such as King Tut whose mummy was discovered in 1922, and Akh... Read More »

What does one call a governement ruled by a king or queen?

A government that is ruled by a king or queen is called a monarchy. The word monarch can refer to either a female or male ruler. Modern monarchies include the countries of Bhutan, Qatar, Saudi Arab... Read More »

Which British king or queen ruled the longest?

Queen Victoria had the longest reign of any monarch in the United Kingdom's history. She was born in 1819. She ruled Great Britain and Ireland for 64 years, from 1837 to her death in 1901.Source:Co... Read More »