Was Judy Garland beautiful?

Answer Judy Garland is very beautiful women

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Who is more iconic: Judy Garland or Madonna?

Judy Garland for sure. For one, she is way better looking than Madonna. Two, she has actual talent and can sing and dance and act.

Where can you see a video of Judy Garland on the Jack Paar Show?

Here's an interview of Judy Garland on the Jack Paar show's an interview with Jack Paar in the 90s remembering Judy Garland. http://www... Read More »

Where is th judge judy show filmed at?

I believe it is set up in LA but i could be wrong. i thought i heard some mention of it once...

Is christmas garland harmful to a cat when eaten?

Christmas tree decorations, especially garland and tinsel, can be harmful to a cat. Because of their shine, they will lure a cat to want to play. If a cat ingests the tinsel, for example, it will c... Read More »