When can the sister visit when her brother passed away and his wife does not call her?

Answer I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your brother. Your sister-in-law is not ignoring you; trying to be cruel or distant, but each individual grieves in their own way. True he was your brother... Read More »

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How long does my Mom have to transfer ownership of her house because it was in my Dad's name when he passed away?

What causes that ache in your chest when someone has passed away or something similar.?

I had that feeling too when my dad died. I just attributed it to my heart being broke. There is so much love and bond there that a piece of it is taken when someone close to you passes away.

How could Osama bin Laden record a tape on 14 Jan 2009 when he passed away from kidney failure years ago. Obviously this a pathetic attempt by the CIA to keep the masses scared of a fabled enemy?

This guy would be like the poster boy for undercover spys and stuff like that. You should see the women that travel with him. Amshay was always rumored to be CIA or sometihing in the racing world. ... Read More »

How to Find out if Someone Has Passed Away?

Death is always a grim subject and many are very reluctant to talk about it. This article will show you how to keep up to date without being insensitive or forceful.