Suppose a plane crashed, and all the 420 who were on board died except 39. How many died Don't use calculator?

Answer Is this supposed to be one of those trick questions? If so, I think you did it wrong.

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Does anyone know for sure now, because on wikipedia it says he died. Do you know if Billy Idol died or not?

What was Galileo known for?

Galileo Galilei, an Italian mathematician and astronomer who lived from 1564 to 1642, is known for developing the pendulum to measure time increments, developing an enhanced military compass, and d... Read More »

Where was Galileo buried?

Galileo Galilei was buried at the Santa Croce church in Florence, Italy. The Italian astronomer and physicist died on Jan. 8, 1642. The city of Florence built a monument at the church in Galileo's ... Read More »

Who tortured Galileo?

There is no evidence that Galileo was ever tortured. It has been suggested, however, that he was shown devices of torture by the Inquisition to prompt him to recant. It has also been suggested repe... Read More »