When did Beethoven start playing the piano?

Answer It is unclear exactly when Ludwig van Beethoven began playing piano. Most accounts estimate that he began receiving lessons around the age of four or five. His first public concert performance was ... Read More »

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Animated BBC story of Beethoven?

The character doesnt have a specific age but Angel Coulby (who plays Gwen) is 30 years old.

What kind of dog was Beethoven?

The dog Beethoven is a Saint Bernard. Beethoven's actual name is Kris. He was trained by Karl Lewis Miller. The Saint Bernard breed has an average energy level, but because of their large size a... Read More »

Who did Camper Van Beethoven become?

Camper Van Beethoven became the band Cracker. The band broke up while on tour in Sweden, and singer/songwriter Jason Lowery formed Cracker shortly afterward.Source:Info on Camper Van Beethoven

How old was Isaac when he died?

According to Genesis, Isaac was 180 years old when he died (Genesis 35: 27-29). He died at Mamre, now identified as Hebron, and was buried in the cave of Machpelah.References:Bible Encyclopedia: I... Read More »