How old to stay at home alone in Australia?

Answer 16 if overnight. 12 is long period of time.

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New mom - stay at home or back to work How can I make money & keep my sanity if I do decide to stay at home?

Newborns can't see depth and color as well as adults do. So, your eyes are not interesting, but your hairline is because of the color-contrast. The same with fans, or moving objects. The dark again... Read More »

Where should I stay in Australia?

The biggest and oldest city in Australia with some of the best beaches in the world is Sydney. Sydney also has Taronga Zoo where you can get close to kangaroos and koalas. Holding koalas is no long... Read More »

How much would it cost to stay in Australia for a month?

Average cost of some things in Sydney (most expensive place in Australia)- Return train ticket within a close radius of city centre: $6- Cab fare from A to B both within city centre: $15-20- Take a... Read More »

Will herbal incense stay legal in Australia?

I think it will be because in some of the states herbal incense are legal now..