How old should you be to watch Being Human from bbc three?

Answer The digital age of television has brought many benefits. One of them is the noise free pictures. Analog signals could be affected by weather, geography and other equipment. In a less than perfect r... Read More »

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The music used in the trailer for being human on bbc three?

What is the name of the song advertising the programme 'being human' which is shown on bbc three?

Can a human being (adult/child) contract worms from being licked accidently on the face by an infected dog?

I suppose it's possible but I would not think it to be likely. Generally speaking, pin worm eggs are found in dirt. Children and adult nail biters are most likely to get pin worms. Anyone who ... Read More »

How Much TV Should My Three Year Old Watch?

If you have a son or daughter who is approaching a 21st birthday, then you may want to host a birthday party to celebrate this milestone. Hosting a 21st birthday party can be challenging, as the qu... Read More »