How old should you be to have sex for the first time?

Answer there is no right age to have sex , you should have sex when you think you are ready boy or girl

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Should you have a adoption when you are twelve for the first time?

Should I get drunk for the first time Help.?

hell naw u shouldn't drink if u aint that type of person! jus bcuz ur boyfriend wants u to do something dont mean u gotta do it! if u aint comfortable doin that kinda shyt then dont even if u are 1... Read More »

How many grams of weed should I get (First time)?

I too am having a big 4/20 celebration (I've already started celebrating since last friday haha) and I would reccommend that if you're not planning on it already you be helped out by someone who kn... Read More »

Trying starbucks for the first time. what should i get?

Mocha OR Caramel Frappe with Hazlenut... SOOOOOOOOO good. Or all three, even better! =D