How old should a girl be when they start to shave their legs?

Answer Don't be in too big a hurry. It's not as much fun as it seems in the beginning. The fun in it goes away mighty fast actually. :)

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Do you think boys should shave they legs and if you are boy do you shave your legs?

Is it true when girls wear knee high socks, they forgot to shave their legs?

i think they wouldnt forget but not need to unless it gets to big and pokes trough :P

How old should a girl be to wear a bra and shave her legs?

I think it depends on the girl. My daughter is 11, and needs a bra. She wears one. There are other girls a few grades ahead of her who don't need one yet. As far as shaving their legs, I think ... Read More »

Do women shave their armpits and legs girl and women only!!!?

Yes, girls and women do. Men only shave their legs if they are swimmers otherwise u leave the hair. armpits are about everyday,legs skip a day and then shave them or shave them everyday.