How old should a child be left at home alone or babysit in ma?

Answer Well there's no law that says you cant leave your child home alone unless there like 2 but its up to the parent if they trust a babysitter than any age is ok if an adult is present but if they are ... Read More »

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What is the legal age a child can stay home alone and babysit?

Different states have different ages. Check out the related link for a full list

At what age can a child be left home alone?

well there is no exact age. A child can be left home alone once they are responsible enough to be safe.SO BASICALLY IF YOU LEAVE YOUR YOUNG CHILD HOME ALONE AND THEY GET HURT YOU ARE IN THE WRONG.B... Read More »

When is a child old enough to be left home alone?

Different people mature at different times ... hard to put a definite age on this answer, but possibly the safest answer is that no child should ever be left at home, alone, but if one absolutely h... Read More »

How old must a child be to left alone at home for 1 hr in MI?

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