How old should I be 2 date.My parents think I am 2 young.I don't?

Answer 16. Stay a kid awhile. Being an adult isn't as fun as you think.

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Hi , im 13 and i want to get a phone but my parents dont think im old enough for it or i need it , help me?

Honey, you AREN'T old enough. You're 13. What could you possibly need a phone for? I'm assuming you're talking about a cell phone. You're probably not going to be going anywhere alone to need a pho... Read More »

What do you do when you think you are pregnant and you dont want your parents to know?

Best thing you can do is sit down and discuss the issue with your parents. They are more understanding about things than teens/young adults give them credit. That's an awfully big secret to keep. A... Read More »

I think all boys should be circumcised, dont you?

What's funny is that some people think you're serious! LMAO at their reasons for agreeing

What should a 16year old girl do if she is pregnant by her 17year old boyfriend and the parents dont approve of him?

AnswerIt's up to you. No one can make you do anything. He can't get into trouble because you both were/are underage when the conception occured. If you want the baby, that's all that matters and th... Read More »