How old must you be to rent a car in america?

Answer Although some United States car rental companies will rent cars to drivers who are 18 years old, most of them require a driver to be at least 21. Drivers ages 21 to 24 are often subject to a daily ... Read More »

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How old must you be to rent a rental car?

Although the age requirements differ from company to company, the majority of car-rental companies require that the driver be 25 years of age or older. Some companies may rent to younger drivers, b... Read More »

How old must you be to rent a house in Misssouri?

In order to legally sign a rental lease agreement with a landlord in the state of Missouri, you must be at least 18 years of age. Landlords may rent to minors (age 17 and under) but the contract wi... Read More »

Have a garden shed to rent out to a foreign family much rent could i expect per week!?

phwoar about £700pcm for this compact des res to accommodate 15 people (30 on a shift pattern!), five, three tiered bunks with has got electic hasn't it?? They have been jammed on t... Read More »

If you rent your home and pay to have pests professionally removed, can you legally deduct that from the rent?

I wish! Sorry... no deduction for you. You could just use natural pest control (like cinnamon) instead of wasting $$$ on an exterminator. Here's a link in case you want to save your cash. Landlords... Read More »