How do you handle sister's mother in law when your mother is not alive?

Answer I will treat her as my own mother.

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What do you call your mother-in-law's mother-in-law?

Well if its Wife or Hansband grandma then its you grandmother in law.

What if you move your son and you away from abusive mother Is it considered kidnapping you are terrified Should the mother be jailed where do you go for protection?

A Kid can watch porn. However it is not legal if said kid is under the age of 18 or 21 in some areas. You must be legal age (in your country, state, and/or province) to view pornographic material.

Can you live with your grandparents if your mother wants you to live with her and your dad says she is an unfit mother?

Answer Depending on your age and the state requirement, you can apply for emancipation and challenge your mother's right to custody.If the mother has primary custody the minor child will have to a... Read More »

How can you best gain custody of your child who is currently living with its mother in another state when the mother has a history of drug use and police involvement?

Answer If you simply take the child, you'll likely be charged with kidnapping. Your best bet would probably be to take her to court for custody on the grounds that she is an unfit mother. The wise... Read More »