How old is your PC and is it still performing well?

Answer year 2000 Dell sometime.-1.79 Pentium 4 processor-256MB RAM-64MB NVidia Video Card-80GB HDD-4x 1.1 USB ports-Floppy Drive (Broken)-DVD Player (Broken)-CD Burner/Player (Hardly works)lol, this thing... Read More »

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Circumcision: Why are parents still requesting and doctors still performing this cruel procedure?

I couldn't agree more :) it's not really the "done" thing here in the UK..... religious reasons aside. Maybe that's why I see it differently to Americans (I say Americans cos the circ. rate in the ... Read More »

How to Date Your Boyfriend and Still Do Well in School?

Having a partner in school doesn't always go well with your school work. Here's how to keep the balance going between guys and grades:

Your grand daughter age 7 has had 2 uti since march with high fever Tests still hematauria as well as leucocytes in her urine Her culture was neg What could the prob be More test in July?

Re-check the lab slip because most labs record platelets as you reported BUT further down you will note it is in the thousands.A normal platelet count for a child is: 250,000 - 450,000.

Under worker compensation a disability that is a permanent physical impairment leaving the individual incapable of performing the previous regular occupation but capable of performing other work is?

an insurance policy will cover you from accidents, getting handicap, some can be to cover car accidents damage or work accidents others cover health.