How old is your PC and is it still performing well?

Answer year 2000 Dell sometime.-1.79 Pentium 4 processor-256MB RAM-64MB NVidia Video Card-80GB HDD-4x 1.1 USB ports-Floppy Drive (Broken)-DVD Player (Broken)-CD Burner/Player (Hardly works)lol, this thing... Read More »

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Which is the best performing Intel desktop cpu, & best performing graphics card from nVIDIA?

It depends on your needs. There are a couple of high performing Intel CPU's, These are the Core i7 and Intel Xeon. The i7 is the best consumer CPU but the Xeon is good for a custom build. As for nV... Read More »

Under worker compensation a disability that is a permanent physical impairment leaving the individual incapable of performing the previous regular occupation but capable of performing other work is?

an insurance policy will cover you from accidents, getting handicap, some can be to cover car accidents damage or work accidents others cover health.

Is photography a performing art?

No. Its use is more of a visual art and the process is a science.

Can a guy get HIV from performing fellatio?

Yes! When giving a fellatio be careful! Make sure there are no bleeding gums, cuts or sores on both the penis and mouth. Do not swallow semen! Using a condom or making sure you don't swallow is th... Read More »