Does Toby McGuire have any siblings?

Answer You dont want to. He is doing something that makes him feel good and it's good for him, so pretend like you have no clue that he is doing it. If my sibling was to try to catch me in the act, we wou... Read More »

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In Lizzie Mcguire what is Lizzie's Mcguire future boyfriends name?

at the end of the series we're lead to believe she'll get together with Gordo. BUT her crush throughout the series is named Ethan.

Who was kate in Lizzie McGuire?

the real name of Kate sanders in Lizzie mcguire is ashlie brillault!

Is Lizzie mcguire still on tv?

What is a Toby Jug?

According to the pottery collectors website World Collectors Net, the Toby Jug is a decorative piece of pottery dating to the 18th Century. Modern styles of Toby Jugs are still created alongside th... Read More »