How old is the youngest child that smokes weed?

Answer I knew of a 13 year old who sells and smokes weed on a daily basis

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Since you are long distance he might have been slowly drifting away from you, this happened when I had a long distance relationship. He is probably spending more time with his friends so they are a... Read More »

My boyfriend smokes weed...?

well how old is he? if you guys are still young it's something that he very possibly will grow out of. but keep in mind, if you're a teenager it really doesn't matter. it's very rare for relationsh... Read More »

How can i accept that my boyfriend smokes weed?

I was just like you. I have been with my boyfriend for three years but at the beginning he would always smoke weed and it would really bother me. My mom even called his phone one time and heard his... Read More »

Boyfriend constantly smokes weed?

Why fight it, just take a bang off that number!