How to Meet the Pope?

Answer Want to meet the pope? Here are ways to potentially get their. Take it from anybody who has had the previous honor of meeting the Pope.

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How to Make a Pope Costume?

The pope's basic attire consists of a long white gown, a short cape, a wide cumberbund-style sash, red shoes and a skullcap under a distinctive tall hat, called a mitre. For special occasions and ... Read More »

How to Make a Paper Pope Hat?

Make a white pointed bishop's or pope's hat to complete a pope Halloween costume. Use a large piece of paper or a thicker kind of paper if you want your paper pope hat to be larger or sturdier. If ... Read More »

Who was the 17th century pope?

Twelve different men served as the pope during the 17th century. The first pope during the 17th century, Pope Clement VIII served from 1592 to 1605. The last pope of the 17th century, Pope Innocen... Read More »

Does the pope wear Prada?

Pope Benedict XVI, the former Joseph Ratzinger, wears Prada leather loafers. His appearance in red Prada loafers and Gucci sunglasses sparked a media blitz in December 2005 due in part to his contr... Read More »