How old is the planet Neptune?

Answer Neptune is estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old. This means that Neptune and its 10 moons are around the same age as the sun and other planets in the solar system like Earth, Mars and Jupit... Read More »

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How big is Neptune the planet?

According to NASA, the planet Neptune has a diameter of 30,775 miles at the equator, making it nearly four times as big around as Earth. In terms of mass, it's 17 times heavier than Earth but not q... Read More »

How big is the planet neptune?

Neptune has a diameter of 30,755 miles, making it the fourth biggest planet in the solar system. Neptune's mass is 17 times that of Earth's. Despite its size, an observer on Earth cannot see Neptun... Read More »

Is Neptune a gas or terrestrial planet?

Neptune is a gas giant, also called a "Jovian" planet, along with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. The terrestrial planets in our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Gas giants have outer... Read More »

What is the weight of the planet Neptune?

A planet's weight, the gravitational force that acts on it, varies depending on your reference point. Each planet, however, has an objective mass, which scientists calculate from orbits and the Sun... Read More »