How old is the pillsbury doughboy?

Answer The Pillsbury Doughboy, also known as "Poppin' Fresh," first appeared in 1965 in a Pillsbury refrigerated dough commercial. The original voice of the Doughboy was provided by Paul Frees, who first ... Read More »

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What is the name of the Pillsbury Doughboy?

The Pillsbury Doughboy is the advertising mascot of the Pillsbury Company, which primarily makes baking products. The Doughboy's name is Poppin' Fresh and proved to be so popular he was given a fam... Read More »

How to Draw the Pillsbury Doughboy?

Just like a recipe, follow these simple steps and out comes a poppin' fresh Pillsbury Doughboy drawing.

How do I make a Poppin'Fresh Pillsbury Doughboy hat?

Preparing the MaterialCut a 26-inch-by-3-inch band of white poster board. Cut three sheets of white tissue paper into 20-inch-by-3-inch bands.The LogoTrace the Pillsbury Doughboy logo onto the cent... Read More »

How to Throw a Pillsbury Doughboy Themed Party?

Here are some pointers for throwing a Pillsbury doughboy party!