How to See if a Turtle Egg Is Alive?

Answer Most turtle species lay all their eggs at one time in a small single hole. Depending on the species, those eggs won't hatch for several more weeks to months. Once hatching does start, in a single c... Read More »

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Are turtle shells supposed to fall off the turtle?

No, turtle shells aren't supposed to fall off. A shell is made from bone and plates made of keratin called scutes. Many freshwater turtles will shed their scutes as they grow but they do not shed t... Read More »

What kind of turtle is a painted turtle?

The range of Chrysemys picta, the painted turtle, extends from coast to coast in the United States and spills over into adjacent areas of Canada and Mexico. This colorful turtle lives in a watery w... Read More »

My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive. He is alive in her stomach now. Should she vomit him?

Take my advice, beware of your girlfriend.

How to Set Up for a Pet Turtle?

There are many types of pet turtles, and habitat set-up is the single most important component of them living a long happy life in captivity. Different species will require slightly different thing... Read More »