How old is the milk in your fridge?

Answer 30 minutes old. Want to share it ? We can get some cookies and really have fun !

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Can milk go bad in the fridge 4 hours after opening?

No. Not if the milk was good when it was opened and was kept well-chilled.

How long does open milk keep in the fridge?

How long does breast milk last in and out of the fridge?

You can't put breast milk in the fridge. It must be digested right away.That answer is ridiculous. Here's where you can find the correct answer from LaLeche League. Read More »

How long will goat's milk last in the fridge?

Goat milk that is carefully stored and chilled should keep for up to a week or two in the refrigerator without a change in taste or the risk of going bad.Source:Goat Milk Stuff: Indiana Raw Goat Milk