How to Run for Lieutenant Governor?

Answer No matter the size of the state, running for statewide office is a significant challenge. Lieutenant governor is the rare position that carries few if any responsibilities but is just one step away... Read More »

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How to Remove a Nissan Governor?

Speed freaks and tech tuners are better off removing the speed governor --- this will enable them to better explore the capabilities of their Nissan. Remember that various rules and guidelines in y... Read More »

How to Adjust the Governor & Carburetor?

Most small engines such as lawn mowers or tillers for the garden run on a combination of a carburetor and a governor working together to control the speed of the engine as well as the mixture of ai... Read More »

The Role of the Governor-General?

The governor-general's job is to administer a territory as the representative of a foreign head-of-state.

How to Take a Governor Off a Scooter?

A small washer in your scooter's variator system governs its top speed. Removal of this washer will allow your scooter to accelerate faster and operate at a greater top speed. In order to access th... Read More »