How to Avoid Being Compared to Michael Cera?

Answer The man (hardly) with a name synonymous with social awkwardness.Are you one of a many poor, unfortunate soul who is often confused with Micahel Cera? Do you find these comparisons detrimental to yo... Read More »

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What is actor Michael Scofield's real name?

Actor Wentworth MIller portrays Michael Scofield on the Fox television series "Prison Break." Miller has been nominated for several awards for his performance as the principal character in the seri... Read More »

Is Jenny Garth of Dancing with the Stars any relation to actor Ken Howard the actor currently starring on Cane on CBS?

Answer Allegedly Ken Howard is 'checking out' the ballroom; he may be a contestant on the next season. As to why he's always shown in conjunction with Jennie Garth, perhaps she doesn't have the big... Read More »

Who is the actor actor played Bruce Manly on Eureka?

It's Bruce Manlyus and he is played by Bill Campbell.

If you could dedicate one of Michael Jackson's songs to Michael, what would it be and why?

Well... I'm kind of upset with him so I'd like to kindly remind him of a song that he once sang. The lyrics go something like this:Tell the angels no, I don't wanna leave my baby alone, I don't wa... Read More »