Answer Tall hot chocolate.

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Is working at STARBUCKS....?

my sis just started at starbucks she really likes it she says they get a few rude people but most don't complain or do anything weird and she hates coffee but she really likes it so i think that it... Read More »

Starbucks Language?

Starbucks whose coffers are already overflowing with the ill gotten gains from victims with wool in their eyes the world over, seeks to inflate the already bulging, grande, bank accounts of its cor... Read More »

How to speak starbucks?

Start with the size of your drink Tall (small), Grande (medium) or Venti (large). Then whatever it is that you want (caramel mocha). Then anything extra or omitted such as extra shot or single shot... Read More »

What to try at Starbucks?

I usually get the caramel mocha frappechino... however you go about spelling that.