How ugly is Sarah Jessica Parker?

Answer sarah jessica parker sells her head shots as "before" pictures

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How to Mimic Sarah Jessica Parker's Neutral Make-up Look?

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker wears a neutral and almost natural makeup look for low-key events. Soft brown on the eyes, pink for the cheeks and lips, and dewy skin complete her look. This look can ... Read More »

What shoes did Sarah Jessica Parker love on Sex in the City?

Carrie loves many brands of shoes in the both the series and movie, her favourate are Malano Blaniks-- a boutique shoe maker who's popularity sky rocketed after featuring in the show. Carrie also l... Read More »

Long before Sex and the City in which 1980s sitcom did Sarah Jessica Parker play a bespectacled teen named Patty Greene?

Square Pegs is the name of the sitcom, She only came out in four episodes though.

Did Sarah Jane from the Sarah janes adventures from bbc die?

We do not know yet whether the character will be killed off officially (or just be allowed to exist "off-screen") but in real life the actress who played Sarah Jane, Elisabeth Sladen, died in April... Read More »