Who played Wilson Wilson in Home Improvement?

Answer Earl Hindman

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Is Jackie Wilson and Nancy Wilson siblings?

Pretty Ricky is a band of four brothers who go by musical pseudonyms: the rappers Slick 'Em, Baby Blue and Spectactular, and the crooner Pleasure. The boys began performing together in 1997, with t... Read More »

Where does the surname Wilson come from?

The surname "Wilson" was first used by the ancestors of Scotland's Viking invaders of ancient times. The name is described as being commonly used in English, Scottish and Irish ancestry.MeaningWhen... Read More »

What is the meaning of the last name Wilson?

The surname Wilson dates to early medieval England and is found throughout the British Isles. Wilson is a patronymic name, indicating descent from a person named Will, a diminutive of William. The ... Read More »

Who is Ellis Wilson?

Ellis Wilson was an African American painter from Kentucky who played a part in the Harlem Renaissance. Even though he received some recognition for his work, he failed to make a living from painti... Read More »