How to Be a Grandpa?

Answer Is your daughter having children? Do you not know how to be a grandpa? Then, keep reading..

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What's wrong with my grandpa?

The best thing would be to take him to a doctor to see if there's anything wrong. My grandma is getting pretty old and sometimes she says some things that make no sense as well, and maybe it doesn'... Read More »

How to Make Your Grandpa Hip?

Is your grandpa's mind stuck in the 70's, reliving glory days long passed? Is he still wearing flares and hippie headbands? Here's how to bring him into the 21st century and make him "hip"!

My Grandpa has cancer...?

I'm sorry to hear your grandpa has cancer.Has he chosen to follow a vegetarian diet, or is it something he has been persuaded or pressured into? If he doesn't like his diet, it will reduce his qua... Read More »

My grandpa's sabre tv?

Most TVs will have at least one auxillary input on the back, or sometimes on the front, of the TV. You're looking for a set of yellow (video), red (right-channel audio) and white (left-channel aud... Read More »