How old is mung daal?

Answer i think he's.......50!

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How to Remove Blackheads Using Split Red Lentils (Masoor Daal)?

Blackheads on noseA blackhead (medically known as an open comedo) is a yellow or blackish bump or plug on the skin.

Do you eat the roots of mung beans?

The roots of mung beans are edible. They are crunchy when raw, but are also used for cooking. The Chinese eat Tow Gei, mung bean sprouts, which include the root. Some fine restaurants, however, rem... Read More »

What are mung beans?

A nung bean is a type of legume, typically used to make bean sprouts. The mung bean holds a high nutritional value and can be used in various cooking methods. It is one of the most commonly consume... Read More »

How to Sprout Mung Beans?

A common sight in Asian stir fries, mung bean sprouts are a crisp, slightly nutty tasting addition to any meal. You'll usually find them labeled simply as "bean sprouts" in the supermarket. These a... Read More »