Why was Johnny Carson mad at Joan Rivers?

Answer because johnny got her started as a comedian on nbc,,,and she had a show of her own after the tonight show,,,but she left to go to fox for a job without consulting johnny,,,,she called johnny after... Read More »

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Was veronica hamel ever interviewed by johnny Carson or Joan Rivers?

Oprah and Stedman have been together for over 20 year, well actually since,1986.

Joan Hickson Did Joan write the children's programme Joe?

What do we call streams or rivers that flow into larger rivers?

Rivers and streams that flow into larger rivers are referred to as tributaries. Tributaries can be perennial, meaning they flow all year long, or intermittent, meaning they flow only during the wet... Read More »

Why are Texas rivers called wrong way rivers?

Some of the biggest rivers in Texas are known as "wrong-way rivers" because they mostly carry water away from the driest areas of the state and bring it to the wettest areas--the "wrong" direction,... Read More »