Is Jeff Dunham gay?

Answer We don't really know. On his first episode of his show, he was sent with Walter to a gay threapist they know was gay. Later, Walter made a comment that " they were in the bathroom with a crew of me... Read More »

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Did Jeff dunham go to college?

Yes, he went to Baylor University. I read his autobiography.

Is Jeff Dunham married?

No. Jeff Dunham was married to former wife Paige Brown from May of 1994 until May of 2010. The couple separated in November 2008 and officially terminated their marriage in 2010. They have three ch... Read More »

Is Jeff Dunham dead?

How can you meet Jeff dunham?

Other than having Peanut introduce you... You could go to where he has his show and hang out in the area to casually "bump into" him. He does shows at casinos like Foxwoods, so if you go to one o... Read More »