How old is Jason Earles on Hannah Montana?

Answer he play a teenager but is actually 33 years old!!!!!!!!!!

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What year did Jason Earles graduate high school?

Actor Jason Earles is best known for his role as the title character's older brother on the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana." Earles spent his early years in California, Ohio and Washington. ... Read More »

Hannah Montanna episode help?

I think that is in the episode Hannah's Gonna Get This, season 4, episode 8. Her producer wants her to write another song for her new album because Taylor Swift's album had a bonus track. Something... Read More »

Death to Hannah Montanna?

umm...people i think she means it to be hypothetical for her question, I would choose Solja Boy, or any other rap artists. Because all there doing is rapping about how much they got and... Read More »

Why does hannah montanna hate mexicans?

where did you hear that miley cyrus aka hannah montana hate mexicans my answer is you are wrong