Does dave from ice road truckers get fired?

Answer Yes

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What did Dave Thomson do to be sacked from tinky winky?

He was fired because the bbc claimed his interpretation of the character was not acceptable. Thomson had stated that tinky winky was gay.

How do I download from a Panasonic H280 Camvorder to Moviemaker and add transitions. Dave G. UK?

I also bought my H280 on 18th July, 2008, and had similar problems using the VideoCam Suite. I suggest you use Windows Explorer to copy files to a desire location. Get Nero Vision Express (OEM's co... Read More »

What's your favorite song from Dave Matthews Band?

(((Erin)))) LOVE DMB.... My favorite is "Crush"…also love Dave's cover of Johnny Cash's "Long Black Veil" absolutely HAUNTING: Read More »

How to Get Out of the Top of the Pyramid in "Fossil Fighters"?

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