What does e5 mean in chess?

Answer The chess notation e5 can be the start point or destination square for a pawn or piece. From white's side, the horizontal squares are lettered A through H from left to right, and the vertical squar... Read More »

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How to Annotate Chess?

The game of chess involves 6 different types of pieces. Each piece moves in patterns unique to that type of piece on the 64-square chess board. Chess annotation is therefore quite detailed. Specifi... Read More »

How to Be a Chess Girl?

Top-flight chess players are mostly guys, but Judit Polgar proves that girls can be strong chess players too! If you are a girl who can play chess, and you like it, here's how to be a chess girl!

How to Become a Better Chess Player?

Anyone can try their hand at a chess game, but it takes a bit more effort to become a good chess player. Read on to learn how to develop your chess skills.

How do I make a chess set?

One of the very oldest of board games still widely played together, chess sets have become not only a classic test of strategy, but an artistic fixture. Modern chess sets are made in so many styles... Read More »