Which actor is your favourite James Bond?

Answer Sean Connery

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Which actor do you prefer, John Cazale or James Dean?

John Cazale. Every role he played, he played it to perfection, especially Fredo. It's funny to think every movie he's been in has either involved Pacino, De Niro or Francis Ford Coppola.BQ: Dog Day... Read More »

What actor was Sandra Bullock once engaged to before marrying Jesse James?

Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan met in 1992 while they were filming on the set of "Love Potion No. 9." The actor and actress were engaged during their three-year relationship.Source:People: Sandra ... Read More »

While still struggling as an actor James Dean was hired to test out the stunts on what game show?

Is Jenny Garth of Dancing with the Stars any relation to actor Ken Howard the actor currently starring on Cane on CBS?

Answer Allegedly Ken Howard is 'checking out' the ballroom; he may be a contestant on the next season. As to why he's always shown in conjunction with Jennie Garth, perhaps she doesn't have the big... Read More »