How old is a one year old in months?

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How does a 13-year-old with a 13-year-old boyfriend tell her parents that she's going to have a baby in 7 months?

Answer There is no easy way to do it. Sit them down when they are well rested and not hungry (if they are tired and hungry, it spells trouble). Tell them you have been irresponsible. Parents want y... Read More »

Is it better to only breastfeed for six months and after six months also use some other food such as bananas or can you use these after three or four months?

Answer it is recommended to only breastfeed the first 6 months... Answer I hear that breastfeeding keeps the impurities of every-day germs out of a child's system- I would breastfeed him till he is... Read More »

Kindergarten months of the year song ?

There must be several dozen Months of the year songs. Any idea what the tune was? Most are set to preexisting music.

What Are Children Learning at Age Six Months to a Year?

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget presented his theory of cognitive development in works such as "The Moral Judgment of the Child" (1932) and "The Origins of Intelligence in Children" (1952) in the ea... Read More »