Who are William beckett's siblings?

Answer He has an older sister named Courtney who is a photographer, and a younger brother, about eight years old.

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What happened to Dr Sam Beckett?

In the final episode of "Quantum Leap", Sam leaped into himself at a cafe on the exact day of his birth. He was told he could control the leaps and could return home at any time or continue to help... Read More »

Who is Katie Beckett?

Katie Beckett, from Iowa, became severely handicapped after an illness that began at age 6 months. Her family fought to allow her to be cared for at home rather than a medical institution. In 1981,... Read More »

Will Beckett and castle together?

They will kiss in episode 3x13 (Jan 24! this MONDAY!!) But they are not actually getting "together" anytime soon.

Does kate beckett die this season?