Does Tom Selleck wear Superfocus on Blue Bloods?

Answer no they dont win cash prize

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What type of watch does Tom Selleck wear in blue bloods?

Rolex DateJust in two tone (gold/stainless) with Predsidental bracelet.

What brand cardigan does Tom Selleck wear on blue bloods?

While I can't give you the exact answer, I have been able to find something similar to at least one of the cardigans worn by Tom Selleck in an episode of "Blue Bloods."

What style sunglasses does tom selleck wear on blue bloods?

The sunglasses are a Oliver Peoples. Produced originally in 1987, a limited edition of 500 (?) were recently produced. The same Japanese manufacturer was contracted to produce these to the same spe... Read More »

What kind of Sunglasses does Tom Selleck wear on Blue Bloods?

They are called model Plateu and made by a company called Reptile Sun