Victory has thousand fathers Defeat has XXXX Transcript of McCain on The Tonight Show Jay Leno say Jack Kennedy didnt use the word orphan. so what word was used by Jack Kennedy instead of orphan?

Answer To paraphrase JFK himself, success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan - or did he say "bastard"? See the LINK below.

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Why did Kennedy blockade Cuba?

United States President John F. Kennedy ordered a blockage of Cuba to prevent the Soviet Union from delivering nuclear missiles to the island.Time FrameKennedy ordered the blockade against Cuba on ... Read More »

How was the relationship between Kennedy and cia?

probably not. you just need to pass a test to join

Did the CIA kill John F. Kennedy?

Of course not. The CIA can hire better than that waste-of-skin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Modern forensics make it clear LHO did it; no need for any bullet to be "magic".

Why didn't the CIA like Kennedy?

Well, He wanted to kill Castro and I don't think the CIA liked that idea very much. Also I think they were disgusted with his womanizing. The FBI didn't like him either. J Eedgar Hoover had a thing... Read More »