Which director do you like more, Steven Spielberg or Steven Soderbergh?

Answer Steven SpielbergBQ :Steven Spielberg :1) Saving Private Ryan2) Jaws3) ET4) Catch Me If You Can5) Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven Soderbergh :1) Oceans Eleven2) Oceans Twelve3) Oceans Thirteen4) Traff... Read More »

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Your top 3 Steven Spielberg movies?

A few of my favorites are "Schindler's List", "Raider's Of The Lost Ark", "Catch Me If You Can".

Which director do you prefer, Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg?

Spielberg. He's sexy. BQ-Spielberg:JawsThe Color PurpleCatch Me If You CanTarantino:Pulp FictionKill Bill vol 1Inglorious Basterds BQ2: I think that would be Jaws vs. Pulp Fiction. I love Pulp Fict... Read More »

What director do you prefer, Steven Spielberg or Paul Thomas Anderson?

"Because comparing two different types of directors, and when the asker already has a strong bias towards a certain director seems to be the norm in this section."lol he has even gotten to you thes... Read More »

Happy birthday to Steven Spielberg, what are your top 5 movies directed by him?

It's the 18th here in Sydney! :)1. Catch Me If You Can2. Empire of the Sun3. Saving Private Ryan4. E.T.5. If you can include producer, then Back to the Future.BQ: Noo, he's got a lot!BQ2: It's A Wo... Read More »