Who is Shawn Casey?

Answer Shawn Casey, the CEO and developer of the Mining Gold Corporation, is a provider of services and media aimed at helping Internet entrepreneurs develop their Internet-based businesses. He currently ... Read More »

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How to Do a Kip Up Like Shawn Michaels?

The Shawn Michaels Flip Back is also called the "Kip Up". Kip Up is also a technique which is used in street survival to get up quickly after being attacked or being knocked down.

So I bought insanity by Shawn T?

I have been doing Insanity for 5 months and have seen medium results. The key is to follow the diet plan (which I have not done). If you follow to diet plan while doing Insanity 6 days per week, yo... Read More »

When did Shawn the Chia die?

Shawn the Chia died in 34 BN. He is a fictional character in the game Neopets. The player is asked for the date of his death in the Brain Tree quest chain.Source:Cheats Guru: Neopets Q&A

What is the origin of the name Shawn?

The English boy's name Shawn is a variant of the Irish name Sean. Both names are a variant of the Hebrew name John, meaning "God is gracious," deriving from the French masculine name Jean. The name... Read More »