Did Robert E. Lee win the war?

Answer no he lost to the Union but won a lot of battles

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Who is the Robert Gates?

He is the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and has been the Secretary of Defense since 2006.

Who is Robert Gibbs?

Robert Lane Gibbs has worked with Barack Obama since 2004 and served as the communications director during Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. He now serves as press secretary for the Obama adminis... Read More »

What are Robert E . lee's last words?

He is supposed to have started to hallucinate that he was giving orders to Ambrose.P.Hill. If true, this would be an uncanny coincidence, as this was exactly what Stonewall Jackson is known to have... Read More »

Is Robert E. lee a hero?

His character had a noble heroism about it. He is a hero of the Lost Cause.But he was technically a traitor, who put states' rights in front of his sworn oath to defend the United States.