Robert Plant or David Lee Roth?

Answer Robert Plant for sure.

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Are Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Christians?

I highly doubt it. Jimmy might have been wearing those shirts as a joke, that's typical of the British sense of humor.There are some musicians though who have weirdly turned out to be Christians, e... Read More »

Does Robert Plant have any siblings?

When did Robert Hooke discover plant cells?

Robert Hooke discovered plant cells in 1655 while examining a cork tree under a light microscope. Hooke was born in 1635 on the Island of Wight and went to school at Oxford. He died in 1703.Referen... Read More »

What year did Robert Hooke discover plant cells?

Robert Hooke first discovered plant cells in 1665 when he was looking at a slice of cork under his compound microscope. He described them as looking like honey-comb in shape, and that they reminded... Read More »