How to Kill Master Chief?

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Who is stronger master chief or hunters?

If you ask me, I'd say master chief. First of all, master chief has the Mark-5 in Halo combat evolved which is also known as the MJOLNIR. Second of all, master chief has a strong combat fighting, s... Read More »

Homemade Master Chief Costume?

Unless you have access to a welder and a supply of sheet metal, you'll need to make your costume out of less authentic materials. To create a fairly simple Master Chief costume from the Halo video ... Read More »

Who is the force master chief of the navy?

If you are refering to MCPON, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, then that title is currently held by MCPON (SS/SW) Rick West who took over that title on 12 December 2008.

Does the Master Chief die in Halo 3?

The Master Chief does not die in Halo 3. While his comrades hold a memorial service--they believe him to have perished while his ship passed through an intergalactic portal--a special cutscene reve... Read More »