How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci?

Answer Leonardo da Vinci was the ultimate multi-tasker: an accomplished scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, and writer. If you want t... Read More »

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How would you describe Leonardo DiCaprio?

Will leonardo dicaprio ever win a oscar?

I certainly hope so -- he was literally robbed at the Oscars for his performance in "Who's Eating Gilbert Grape".1. CHILD STAR SYNDROMEPeople have seen Leo act for the past 20 years, since Growing ... Read More »

What question would you like to ask Leonardo DiCaprio?

Do you prefer to play a character who is the complete opposite of you or what you believe in and why?Thanks :)

Will leonardo decapro ever win a oscar?

He wi probobly win an oscar soon. if there was an oscar for the cutest celebrity in the past, i would choose Leonardo DiCaprio because he was so hot. He could win for doing the best movies in the w... Read More »