How old is Kevin in home alone?

Answer In the movie "Home Alone" the boy Kevin, is ten.

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What city is Kevin left home alone in at Christmas in home alone 2?

Is it illegal to leave a child 11 years old alone in a home and also to go out and catch a bus at the bus stop alone?

Yes as long as they have money an food and that the parents will come back they may no fetch a bus they have to go to a bus stop.

How to Have Fun At Home Alone?

At last. Everyone's gone away, leaving you with a lovely free house for a few days. Bliss. To make sure you don't waste this precious time alone, here are a few ideas to try out whilst you can.

Bored and home alone!?

Can you take a walk?It refreshes the mind, promotes creativity and energizes the body and spirit.At leas it could fill up some time until you encounter other humans.