Kerry katona?

Answer Ha Ha country....when I read that in this morning's paper the first thing I thought of was I know how much she is your fave 'Celeb' lol

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What is the meaning of the name Kerry?

The Irish name Kerry comes from the Gaelic meaning “children of the county of Clar,” with “clar” meaning “dark” and probably indicating dark hair and eyes. Kerry is a locational name, r... Read More »

Where did john kerry graduate from high school?

John Kerry, a United States senator from Massachusetts and head of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, graduated from St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire. Kerry was a member of the 1... Read More »

Does Kerry Vincent still wear that ugly, black headband?

Yes. Sometimes I imagine that she wears that thing to sleep or when she showers.Why, god?

Is Kerry Katona the most pointless person to have ever been born on this planet?

" The only thing than being talked about is not being talked about." She knows this, and every second week she is on the front cover of Heat or whatever.The image that will stick in my mind is her ... Read More »